Freebox Jeans Quilt Progress

January 29, 2008

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Up until now, there were 24 squares worth of material cut, waiting to be pieced. The weather was finally bad enough, and I was finally bored enough to sit down at the sewing machine and put everything together.

Piles of cut fabric
  Piles of cut fabric on my sewing table, ready to go.

Cut pieces
  Cut fabric for one square

Sewn square
  One square sewn together

Squares laid out
  Sewn squares laid out

The squares went together in nothing flat. Piecing them together is the easy part, I guess. It takes a lot longer to cut them out, and I’ve only done about a third of what I need to. And then there’s the actual quilting. Bleh.

Looking at the picture above, I’m amazed at how much it actually resembles my preliminary sketch below.

Roman Stripe


NOTE: All posts on this project are tagged with “Freebox Jeans Quilt.”


Freebox Jeans “Roman Stripe” Quilt

January 15, 2008

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All posts on this project are tagged with “Freebox Jeans Quilt.”

Freebox Jeans “Roman Stripe” – in progress

Frebox Jeans Quilt

One of the most common — and useless — things I see in freeboxes around Portland are “old” jeans that were fashionable a few weeks ago. But alas, that was a few weeks ago; so out they go. The durable denim is still perfectly useful; so I wanted to find find a way to use it.

I was also thinking about a quilt pattern in monochromatic light & dark contrasts, rather than different colors. Faded and unfaded jeans would lend themselves to that reasonably well. So all of last summer I collected them — a couple of dozen pairs at least.

The design, which is a traditional pattern, is called “Roman Stripes” and was inspired by one of the Gee’s Bend quilts. The image above is a sketch of it. On the left below is how I think it’ll look when done, and on the right is the one that inspired me.

Roman StripeGees Bend Roman Stripe