Worsted Wool Apliqué Quilt

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Worsted Wool Apliqué – near future

Aplique Quilt

Over the years, I’ve outgrown quite a few navy blazers, and I’ve kept many of them around for… some reason. Maybe this is it. I love the patterns of Hawaiian apliqué quilts, with a solid background and a single, large, interesting shape in a contrasting color sewn on top. The navy wool would be a perfect background and contrast beautifully with vivid colors, producing a simple but dynamic piece. That’s the theory anyway.

Hawaiian Aplique Quilt
  Hawaiian Aplique Quilt

Alternately, I considered a very simple design of lines, as above. Or possibly a quilt stitched in squares with smaller apliqué pattterns on each block, something like Adrinka symbols. Those may be beyond my skill level, but maybe I could use up some of the Harris tweeds I packed away. Talk about multi-cultural. A traditional Hawaiian-style quilt, featuring an African Adrinka symbol, worked up in handmade Scottish tweeds.

  Andrinka symbols

2 Responses to Worsted Wool Apliqué Quilt

  1. Anita says:

    I just love the idea of the African symbols in non traditional cloth. I know that Harris tweed was the original hunter’s camo. Go for it. I’d like to see more pictures

    “Been to …Hawaii, Africa, USA, Canada , Mexico. I have a global fabric “stash”.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Searching for more adrinka symbol images led me here. Wow – great minds think alike! Check out this if you are so inclined. http://thingsbright.blogspot.com/2009/08/hawaiian-quilt-love_6115.html

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