Basic Quiche

Basic Quiche


Making a quiche could not be more simple or flexible. A large variety of fillings can be used with the basic egg and cream mixture. It is the perfect way to use incorporate vegetables into a meal.


–2 eggs
–8oz cream (Half&half works well.)
–1/4-1/2 cup cheese (Many types work well. Choose according to what will complement your filling.)
–2 pastry/pie crusts (Most commercially available brands use lard. Read the ingredients carefully to avoid it. Note: I often make a “quiche” without a crust at all. Just grease the dish well.)
–filling of your choice (Sauteed or steamed vegetables are nice. Cheese alone works well. Whatever you like can be thrown in.)


Prebake your pie crusts according to the instructions.
Prepare a standard egg and cream mixture of 1 egg for every 4oz (half cup) of cream. The amount you will need varies according to how much filling is in each quiche — the more filling, the less cream & egg. Count on at least 1/2 cup of the mixture in a regular sized pie crust with a lot of filling or a full cup (8oz) in an empty shell.

Add sufficient salt & pepper to the egg mixture to enhance the flavor.
Prepare your filling and drain it so that there is not a lot of extra moisture.
Pour into the pie crust of grease dish while adding cheese as you go.

When the crust/dish is about 3/4 full, pour in the egg mixture to fill in the gaps and barely cover the filling. The eggs will expand; so don’t overfill.

Bake at 375 for about 30+ minutes. Cool before serving.

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