Silencing Squeaky Shoes with Powder

I hate when my shoes develop a squeak. It’s annoying and, depending on the sound it makes, potentially embarrassing. The problem arrises when the parts of the shoe rub together as you move; so eliminating the friction between those parts is the obvious solution. I’ve tried oiling the soles of my shoes before and spraying silicone lube around them as well, all to no avail. Then I hit on the answer: powder.

Powders eliminate moisture and rubbing, and they will never absorb into the shoe itself. They are lubricating, yet dry. Inner tubes, latex gloves, shower curtains, and all kinds sticky plastics come coated with powder, after all. So when one of my shoes develops a squeak, I dust powder all around the inside, but more importantly, onto the edges of the tongue, which is where most noises seem to be made.

What kind of powder to use? I already have medicated body powder; so that’s what I use. But baby powder, talcum powder, or even flour would probably work fine. (The powder on most plastics is actually cornstarch.)

Another quick tip: I poured my medicated powder into an old sock then tied a knot in the end to make a convenient, homemade powder puffdispenser, which delivers a controlled dusting directly to the surface rather than into the air.


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